Electronics Engineering & Design

When it comes to PCB design, our goal is to provide as much – or as little – engineering support as our clients need.  Some of our customers have their own well-staffed design teams, while others rely fully on the ADL design team for their projects. But most are somewhere in between.  Wherever you fall on that spectrum, know that we’re here to assist you.

Full Service Design Capabilities

Whether you have a design concept that is in its infancy, or you simply need a bit of CAD work to support a mature product, we can work with you to see the job through to its successful completion. Our experienced engineers can assist with any type of design, including:

  • Analog and digital
  • Microcontroller-based
  • Power supplies
  • Low-power devices
  • Wireless and IoT (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and others)
  • Firmware and software development (C, LabVIEW, Python)
  • Prototype assembly and testing
  • Design for manufacture

Design Support at Any Stage

Every project is different, but most follow a process that looks something like this one. Our design team can partner with your internal engineering resources at any step along the way.

ADL Technology Engineering Process

Engineering FAQ's

No problem!  Let’s walk through a specification exercise together to focus our collective experience and allow us to provide a detailed proposal for your project.

We staff skilled engineers who can become an extension of your in-house team and tackle that list with you.

We can help you update to a design that is functional, economical and manufacturable.  We rely on our design experience and the knowledge base of our suppliers to build the right design with parts that will be readily available for the foreseeable future.

Call us!  As a design team that is embedded in a contract manufacturing facility, we’re uniquely positioned to see a circuit board through the eyes of the manufacturer.

We can help you evaluate the possibilities.  Sometimes, the best spec is an existing product because you already know how it works, how it fits, and what problems you might want to address.  We can work together to determine the effort involved in a redesign so that you can make the right decision going forward for your product and your business.

It depends on the scope of your project.  Some projects are simple and can be addressed in a few days, while others may be more complex and take months to develop.  As long as we have a specification, we will provide you with a proposal so you can understand the investment required to meet the objective before any work begins.

Give us a call!  We have a wide range of skills that can be applied to identify a solution.  And if we don’t think we can add the right value, then we’ll tell you so – and do our best to refer you to someone who can.

If you have a need for additional resources to support the broader product development process, such as a custom enclosure design, feedback from focus groups, a mobile app with an intuitive user interface, or some mechanical feature requiring elegant functionality or artistic flair, we have partnerships with many companies in the Columbus, OH area who have skill sets that augment our own, and we can bring the right team together to support your needs.

Yes, ADL offers full-service design capabilities to support these and other electronics design needs, and to create a smooth transition to the ADL manufacturing environment.