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Automated Optical Inspection Testing (AOI)
  • No tooling needed
  • Ensures good solder fillets
  • Ensure there are no missing parts
  • Ensure there are no orientation errors
Functional Testing
  • Many experienced technicians on staff
In-Circuit Testing
  • Full JTAG and Boundary Scan support

Testing and Inspection

We have invested aggressively in automated testing equipment and training. Price and delivery are important. Assuring quality is an absolute must. Quality is the number one requirement of our customers and the most common reason for switching EMS providers. Our test and inspection capabilities are second to none. From AOI to In-Circuit to Functional, we cover all of the bases.

In-Circuit Testing

In Circuit Tester

The Agilent 3070 is the highest performing In-Circuit tester available. In-Circuit testing has the greatest level of fault coverage of any form of testing. The tester first performs unpowered tests on the assembly. It checks for opens, shorts, and correct component values. It then applies power to the assembly and checks the functionality of digital and analog circuit elements as well as blocks of components. It can also program flash and perform boundary scan tests.

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