Read our case studies to learn more about how we work with industrial and commercial OEMs in a wide variety of markets ranging from LED lighting and sensing to power supplies and controls. The annual usage of our customers ranges from hundreds of assemblies to over 1.5 million.  For each of them, we consistently demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness throughout the entire product life cycle, from design and prototyping to pilot and full production.  Relationships with our partners are well-established, with many exceeding 20 years.

Very Smart Socks

One of our clients, Palarum, has developed socks that use an electronic sensor to geolocate a patient and their movement activity via a wireless network. When properly implemented, these socks can reduce falls by 50%; a vital statistic when you reflect on the adverse effects of falls for patients and the financial impact to hospitals.

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Industrial Lighting

Our newest customer is a world leader in unique illumination applications.  Previously relying on offshore sources for LEDs and light engines, they recognized that they were burdened by poor product quality, a volatile supply chain, communication difficulties, and a lack of innovative collaboration.
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Joystick controllers for scissor lifts

One of ADL Technology’s customers makes after-market joystick controllers for the scissor lift market.  These flexible platforms are used primarily to provide elevated work areas or to raise or lower unit loads.  The joystick controllers control the platform movement up and down and the lift’s wheeled base.

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