Case Studies: ADL Produces Joystick Controllers for Scissor Lifts

Case Study: ADL Technology Produces Joystick Controllers for Scissor Lifts.

One of ADL Technology’s customers makes after-market joystick controllers for the scissor lift market. Scissor lifts are electric or gas-powered platforms mounted on folding arms.  These flexible platforms are used primarily to provide elevated work areas or to raise or lower unit loads.  The joystick controllers control the platform movement up and down and the lift’s wheeled base.

How it all began…

The company we work with began as a garage-based business approximately 20 years ago when we first established a relationship with them.  We partnered with them to:

  • understand the electronic elements of their controllers
  • supply design documentation
  • provide assembly services for their products

As our relationship developed, we continued to design and build for them and gain an in-depth understanding of their product line, continuously increasing the efficiency and quality of our development and assembly efforts.  ADL Technology’s technical and manufacturing expertise helped them continue to flourish in a competitive market.

Today: Multi-million and multi-national success

Starting from humble beginnings, they have grown into a multi million dollar success story.  Now part of a multinational corporation, they continue to rely on ADL Technology for design and manufacturing. In fact, ADL Technology has earned a share of manufacturing business from other companies under their parent corporation and is now relied upon as a key element of their global supply chain.  This customer recognizes that they wouldn’t be where they are today without our partnership.  Likewise, at ADL Technology, we understand the value of a customer who is willing to put their trust in us as their contract manufacturer.

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