Custom Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services

Precise, automated, and Lean. ADL Technology’s US-based (Ohio/Midwest) location offers a range of contract electronics manufacturing services.  Our facilities are outfitted with the best technology and our processes are geared to quickly deliver high-quality, cost-effective products. Since flexibility is key, we work with you to pair the right capabilities with your unique project objectives and then we provide full electronic design services from concept to production.  We support your products and company, both now and as your product requirements evolve over time.

Choose the Electronic Manufacturing Services Your Next Project needs

Whether you are looking for an complete contract manufacturing workflow or a specific set of capabilities; insert yourself in our production process and choose only the services that are essential to the success of your electronic manufacturing project.

ADL Technology electronic manufacturing process map showing the core steps of our process

Quote, procure, assemble, test, inspect and ship,. Let us build your next PCB project.

Advanced Production Capabilities
for Electronics Contract Manufacturing

Browse ADL Technology’s extensive list of assembly services and equipment using the tab sections below.  Learn more about electronics engineering at ADL Technology or get a quote for your next project, today.

We offer the following electronic contract manufacturing services.

PCB, Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Our specialty is full service manufacturing of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies. For additional information, visit ADL Technology’s page about Printer Circuit Board Manufacture and DesignWe offer both surface mount and through hole assembly services for PCBs.

Surface Mount Assembly

Soldering during the Electronic Manufacturing process.

Dedicated technicians ensure that each assembly complies with applicable IPC standards.

  • Prototype, low, medium, high volume
  • RoHS-compliant production capabilities
  • LED assemblies, fine pitch, BGA
  • uBGA, QFN, 0201 components
  • Pemtron 3D solder paste inspection

​Through Hole Assembly

  • Automated and manual processes
  • Prototype, low and medium volume
We offer Box Builds as part of our Electronic Manufacturing services

After completing your electronic assembly, we can assemble it into your enclosure to create a turnkey systems integration.

Box Build and Control Panel Assembly

ADL Technology offers systems integration services, also known as box builds.  We will be happy to partner with you or source the components you need and provide your company with a completed device.

Additional information about our Box Builds & System Integrations is available.

Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies

  • Preparing and assembling single wire leads and multi-wire assemblies
  • Applying wire wraps, zip-ties, cable covers, and labeling of the assemblies
  • Electrical testing of finished assemblies

Conformal Coating and Potting

  • Manual and automated and spray coating
  • Two-part epoxies
  • Silicone dips

Testing and Inspection

  • Custom test fixture design
  • Troubleshooting to the component level

Learn more about our commitment to quality and our testing and inspection processes.

We are continually investing in equipment to ensure that we deliver you a consistent, quality product which meets your specifications. Some of the equipment used in our electronic manufacturing process is listed below.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Our SMT area houses four identical SMT lines for maximum flexibility.

  • Four identical, fully automated lines
  • MPM Accela screen printers with post-print 2D inspection
  • Pemtron 3D solder paste inspection capabilities
  • Universal Fuzion placement machines
  • NPI barcode scanning for machine and component setup and validation
  • Capable of placing 0201 components and 0.4mm BGAs
  • BTU Pyramax 150 12 zone reflow ovens with auto load/unload functionality

Through Hole Technology

  • Fully automated insertion equipment – RAD_8 radial machine and VCD_8 axial machine
  • Auto and manual component lead preparation
  • Slide lines and “one piece flow” lines
  • Hand-soldering stations

Wave and Selective Solder Technology

Our dual-pot selective solder machine allows us to solder your boards quickly and precisely, whether they’re leaded or lead-free.

  • RoHS compliant production capabilities
  • Two Electrovert Vectra wave solder machines, one for leaded assemblies and one for lead-free
  • ERSA 345 selective solder machine with dual alloy capability – no changeover required


  • Three YESTECH FX AOI machines
  • X-ray capability
  • End of line quality inspection


  • Air-Vac semi-automated rework equipment
  • Technicians certified to IPC-A-610 and IPC-A-620

Potting and Coating

ADL Technology’s latest investment in the Coating department: our new automated conformal coating machine.

  • PVA for automated conformal coating
  • Two enclosed, vented spray booths

Wire Processing

  • Komax KAPA240 wire cutter/stripper
  • Artos CR-22 and CS-326 wire processing equipment
  • Dynalab 256-point cable harness tester
  • Schleuniger and Carpenter processing equipment

Aegis Manufacturing Software

  • Directly imports PCB design files including CAD ASCII, Gerber, X-Y Data and scanned image formats
  • Timely turnaround for offline multi-machine programming

At ADL Technology, we believe that Lean manufacturing processes benefit everyone, and are critical element of our electronic manufacturing services. Creating high quality, customized products isn’t enough. By reducing waste and streamlining our processes, we aim to provide you with great products and a superior customer experience characterized by:

  • The shortest possible cycle time
  • Clarity of project execution
  • Flexibility to adhere to your specifications and standards
  • Excellent return on your investment as our parts become part of your finished product

To achieve Lean manufacturing, we strive to ensure the best and fastest flow of:

  • Parts required to build your project
  • Information exchanged between your company and ADL Technology’s staff
  • Production decisions
  • Final products shipped

We support Lean electronic manufacturing by hiring the right people, investing in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, maintaining industry standards, and seeking to continuously improve efficiencies at every level of ADL Technology.