Systems Integration Services

image of technician completing box builds

ADL technician completing a box build, aka systems integration

In addition to ADL Technology’s contract our EMS or Electronics Manufacturing Services for PCBs and PCBAs, we offer systems integration services If you are looking for a box build, we can either partner with you or work on our own to source all of the components required for your assembly and provide you with a completed product.

Let’s combine your ideas and our capabilities to bring your product to market faster!  Systems integrations can include work such as :

  • Multiple PCB assemblies
  • Wire and cable harnesses
  • Enclosures and labeling
  • Power supplies
  • Displays and touch screens
  • Sensors (temperature, moisture, acceleration, etc.)
  • Panel-mounted buttons, switches and connectors
  • Motors and fans
  • Ruggedization via potting or conformal coating
  • Software installation
  • System testing
  • Environmental testing for temperature and moisture

See the top 5 benefits of having ADL Technology handle your next system integration/box builds and final assembly

1. Streamline your design.

Leverage ADL Technology’s in-house engineering team to optimize your Design For the Manufacturing and Assembly process (DFMA).  Working with one design team will increase your design efficiency as they work with the entire product assembly team.

2. Simplify your supply base and project management.

Have one company, instead of multiple, to build your PCB assemblies, cables, harnesses, boxes, chassis’, control panels etc.  Instead of dealing with multiple suppliers along the value add chain, let us handle everything at one location and ship you a ready-to-sell product.

3. Reduce your cost.

Compound markups from various suppliers can add up.  Working with one team eliminates these unnecessary markups, reduces your shipping costs, and improves your margin.

4. Improve on-time delivery.

By simplifying your supply base and letting ADL Technology coordinate acquisition by building the sub-assemblies and coordinating integration into the higher level  assembly you have more predictable time frames to meet your delivery requirements.  When multiple value-add suppliers are involved with your product, shipping time increases, and the risk of production delay builds.  We can complete all of your value-add services at one location on a predictable timeline.

5. Reduce defects and returns.

ADL Technology not only tests everything to make sure that the finished product is a quality one and that it meets your specifications, but will be part of your test team as our electronic and manufacturing engineering teams evaluate your project during the manufacturing and assembly process.  This leads to a turnkey product that will be immediately ready for your sales team.  ADL Technology’s manufacturing and test engineering teams will work with you to develop the proper testing and inspection strategy for both the complete system and the individual components.  This process ensures that we ship you a product that is built correctly and functions according to your precise requirements.

Let’s get started on your next box build/systems integration

Whether you are developing a prototype or are ready for a production run, we partner with you to make certain that your product meets your specifications for quality, timeliness and price. ADL Technology takes pride in building flexibility into our approach by pairing the right capabilities with your unique project objectives.  We then follow through by providing full service from concept to production as the requirements of your product line evolve over time. A successful system integration project typically requires the following information:

  • Bill of materials: reference designators, component manufacturers, part numbers and substitution allowance
  • Special requirements for smaller items such nuts, bolts, adhesives, etc.
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Any special requirements for the box builds
  • Component drawings for custom items​​​Testing and regulatory requirements
  • Marking requirements
  • All documentation for PCB assemblies, including. BOMs, Gerbers, ASCII files, assembly instructions, etc.
  • Test procedures and test fixtures if required

Contact ADL Technology today to begin planning your next project.