PCB,  Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Selective Soldering a PC Board

Our specialty is providing full PCB design service and printed circuit board manufacturing, this work includes:

  • Surface mount technology
  • Automated optical inspection
  • Selective soldering
  • Cable and wire harness assemblies
  • Conformal coating
  • Test and evaluation and final product assembly

Our LEAN facilities handle high mix/high volume productions runs and the supporting prototype-proof of concept work for printed circuit boards. Our facilities are RoHS compliant and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our board production features packaging which includes:

  • LED assemblies
  • Both BGA and High density, aka fine pitch BGA or uBGA (ball grid arrays)
  • QFN (quad, flat, no leads)
  • 0201 metric components

We use a Pemtron 3D solder paste inspection system to make sure that the PCBA’s you ordered meet your specifications, no many how many test points you may require.

Through Hole Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Are you looking for through hole PCB assembly services to support legacy designs? ADL Technology offers both automated and manual through-hole assembly services for low/medium runs  of printed circuit boards and prototype-proof of concept work.

  • Automated and manual processes
  • High mix/High volume production and supporting proof of concept prototypes

Additional Electronic Design Services

Since all PCB’s are parts of larger devices we provide the following services to support the completion of your finished device:

  • Conformal coating to protect and ruggedize the components
  • Box building
  • Control panel assembly services

Testing Services

Building your PCB Assembly is only part of the process.  ADL Technology prides itself on quality and we:

  • Visually inspect each assembly numerous times throughout the assembly process to ensure that quality is being built into the product
  • Utilize automated optical inspection on 100% of boards built using SMT technology
  • Are able to perform a full functional test on 100% of assembly products when a test step is part of the production process
  • Create a custom test fixture for your PCBA design.
  • Troubleshoot your device to the component level

Let’s get started today.  Here is what we need to start your next Printed Circuit Board assembly project.

  • Bill of materials: reference designators, component manufacturers, part numbers and substitution allowance
  • ​​​Gerber files: describe each PCB  assembly layer; used by the PCB fabricator to build the bare circuit board
  • ​Fabrication notes: type of circuit board material, leaded or lead-free, and other special instructions for the circuit board
  • ​Testing instructions: any necessary procedures, fixtures or firmware, if required
  • ​​​Timing and quantity: estimated annual usage (EAU) and the desired product delivery schedule
  • ​​Other documentation: assembly drawings, electrical schematics, ASCII-formatted PCB assembly layout files, etc.

High-Tech, Fully Customized Electronic Manufacturing Services

Precise, automated, lean – we outfit our contract manufacturing facilities with the best in technology, equipment and processes to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products fast.  We have four identical, fully automated lines to handle your next Printed circuit board assembly design and manufacturing project.

We build flexibility into our approach by pairing the right capabilities with your unique project objectives and then providing full service from concept to production as the requirements of your product line evolve over time.

Contact us today to get started.