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ADL Technology's Assistant General Manager, Jonathan Verity

Jonathan Verity, ADL Technology’s Assistant General Manager

At ADL Technology, Jonathan Verity is the Assistant General Manager, he is directly responsible for daily operations. As the Assistant General Manager, his primary responsibility is to be a leader and help the team find solutions to problems and then organize their implementation. He spends his day checking in with the team, following up on projects, analyzing data to make informed decisions and other related work.

To be a good leader Jonathan Verity believes that you have to first serve everyone else’s needs before your own, so he tries to make that his main focus. To quote Verity, “I am a servant leader. Two of the most important skills for a leader include being a great listener and being empathetic. Beyond that I would say being trustworthy; people have to be able to rely on your word and that only comes from proving it.”

Jonathan’s entire career has been in manufacturing and operations management. Within his prior company, he moved around in various roles over the years, but all of them were in operations and supply chain management. He actually learned about, and worked with ADL, in his last job. For about 8 years, as customer, Jonathan worked with the ADL team and had a good relationship with everyone. In early 2022, Dave Feeney and Jonathan Verity were networking over lunch and their conversation led to him joining Feeney’s team at ADL. Jonathan was attracted to the opportunity not only because of culture and the people at ADL but also because his experience was a good fit for their team. In addition to his work experience, Jonathan Verity has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA with specializations in project management and supply chain management.

If Jonathan had to pick three words to describe ADL, they would be flexible, accommodating, and reliable. His goal at ADL is simply to support ADL and give the people what they need to be successful and support the qualities evoked by the words above. From there, Verity will focus on growing the business and allowing ADL’s people to execute to the best of their ability and remove hurdles that make their jobs difficult. In turn, his position as Assistant General Manager, will allow him to continually refine his skills as a manager and leader. Jonathan is seeking to gain more experience and building new relationships as Assistant General Manager.

When not at ADL, Johnathan enjoys watching adventure/spy movies like Indiana Jones and the Bourne Series. He like to read books as well, Dan Brown and Michael Crichton are favorite authors. He probably doesn’t have as much time to read or watch movies as he used to; he and his wife are busy with a toddler and 3 dogs. Undoubtedly, he is introducing her to his love of music, he enjoys all kinds and discovering new artists. His interest in discovering new musicians is mirrored by his love for cooking, trying new foods, and traveling. For the latter, Taiwan is a particular favorite.

His personal motto “Know your worth” is balanced by the fact that he is inspired by anyone who cares more about others than they do about themselves. Both thoughts are probably influenced by his interest in the author and philosopher, Alan Watts. Pretty smart for someone who has had less than 12 real birthdays. Yes, Johnathan was born on February 29th in leap year, so he only gets a real birthday every four years! No matter when his real birthday is, ADL is really glad to have him on staff, welcome Jonathan!