by ADL Technology ADL Technology

ADL has partnered with Venti-Now’s to advise on the design and procurement of the electronic components and build the first 50 units on a very aggressive timeline

Due to rising concern in early 2020 that hospitals would be overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients requiring ventilators, a Cincinnati-based non-profit called Venti-Now was formed to explore the possibility of developing a low-cost, portable ventilator.  This Class II medical device would need to control

  • tidal volume
  • inspiration time
  • I/E ratio
  • breaths per minute

all extremely important elements for treating COVID-19 patients.  With the overwhelming need for ventilators around the world, this simple system could fill a niche for underdeveloped countries that may lack access to sufficient equipment.

Venti-Now was founded by a retired P&G engineer who quickly gathered a team consisting of medical, engineering, scientific and manufacturing professionals.  The effort was funded and supported by UC Health, UC Engineering, P&G, and YourEncore.  Within months, the FDA granted an Emergency Use Authorization for the rapidly developed design, and units were placed in locales such as Uganda and Tanzania.  Due to its ease of use and robust design, the Venti-Now ventilator fills a critical healthcare need for underdeveloped nations at a fraction of the cost of ventilators in more developed countries.

ADL Technology, a contract manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies, has had the privilege of being counted as one of Venti-Now’s partners by advising on the design and procurement of the electronic components and building the first 50 units to meet a very aggressive timeline.  As Venti-Now moves to the next development stage, ADL continues to work side-by-side with them  to

  • validate design improvements
  • expand the feature set
  • improve manufacturability
  • expedite additional prototypes and production builds

We look forward to continuing to be part of the long-term support strategy. At this stage of the product development cycle, Venti-Now, a 501(c)(3) organization, is seeking partnerships to further commercialize the device and make it more readily available.  ADL is grateful to be a part of this effort to take this product to the next level and continue to save lives across the globe.