Certified Quality

Quality is easy for a supplier to talk about, but much more difficult to achieve.  At ADL Technology we understand what it takes to produce a defect-free product for our customers. We pay attention to the details at all phases of the production process, and we have an on-site Quality team to maintain standards and rapidly address potential issues or customer concerns.  In addition, we believe an essential part of building a quality product is providing a solid customer experience at every point of the process, from the front office to the shop floor.

Getting it Right, from the Start

Quality begins with the design.  Our in-house electronic engineering team can partner with you to:

  • Review your existing design and rework it, if needed, to meet your project’s requirements
  • Design a test solution that’s right for your product and implement it to run efficiently on our production floor, or
  • Adapt our process to your existing test fixture and procedure
  • Ensure that, whatever test method you choose, your product is sufficiently exercised and fully functional before leaving our facility

Inspection Processes

We use both machine and human vision to ensure that your product ideas and goals are fully realized. Because quality control is an integral component of our work, the technicians at ADL Technology:

  • Visually inspect each assembly numerous times throughout the assembly process to ensure that quality is being built into the product
  • Utilize automated optical inspection on 100% of boards built using SMT technology
  • Perform a full functional test on 100% of assembly products when a test step is part of the production process

Do you have an assembly that calls for a highly complex or repetitive test algorithm?

Let us help with a LabVIEW script to automate the process and pair it with a robust custom test fixture that’s optimized for our production floor.

Testing Options

Automated Optical Inspection

  • No tooling needed
  • Ensures good part placement and good solder fillets

Test Engineering

  • Custom test procedure and fixture design
  • LabView for automated testing
  • Test data collection and serialization
  • In-line firmware programming
  • Agilent 3070 for In-circuit Testing

Industry Standards and Memberships